Update on re-opening status for @361clinic during this pandemic

We have been receiving many messages lately asking if we @361clinic are open yet. We appreciate that you are all eager to get some hands-on care, as much as we are waiting to provide it! We can’t wait to reunite with everyone and play catch-up from the last 2 months!

💥 As of today we are closed, but only open to treat urgent cases with chiropractic care.

💥 Our chiropractic & massage Colleges have not yet published a return to work directive yet. But we anticipate good news soon after the long weekend (hopefully).

💥4 other provinces, Saskatchewan, Alberta, PEI & Manitoba have been given return to work directives & requirements effective May 4, 2020. So fingers crossed that Ontario’s announcement will be coming soon!

💥 We are also awaiting a required list of PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure we provide the safest environment for everyone we come in contact with.

💥 Just like everywhere else, when we do re-open we will most likely have measures that limit the amount of patients that can enter at any given time, and to allow for enough time to sanitize the treating and common areas in between patients.

💥 We are currently not booking any patients in advance, but we will make sure that you all get in for chiropractic, massage therapy and/or acupuncture as soon as it is possible.

➡️ Stay tuned to our website [www.361clinic.com], and our @361clinic Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds for more updates.

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