Dr. Lopes has been selected as a Sports Chiropractor for the 2023 Canada Winter Games

Dr. Lopes is excited to be chosen as a Sports Chiropractor to volunteer at the 2023 @CanadaGames in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI). This will be her first Minor Games to attend in 4 years since Feb 2019, and her 2nd Canada Winter Games, and she is pumped! https://www.2023canadagames.ca/
🍁 Not sure what the Canada Winter Games are? It is a 2-week event showcasing the very best in Canadian sport!
🍁 What does Sidney Crosby, Hayley Wickenheiser, Clara Hughes, Jennifer Heil and Lennox Lewis, Chandra Crawford, Catriona Le May Doan and Jennifer Jones have in common? They were all Canadian Winer Olympic athletes who initially started their career at a Canada Winter Games before making it to the big stage!
🍁 So, the athletes you see at these 2023 games could potentially be seen at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Milano Cortina 2026 in Italy!
🍁 The 2023 games will feature 3,600 participants, 20 different sports, 26 disciplines, and 174 events – it all adds up to the biggest event in our province’s history.
🍁 Dr. Lopes will be available for the next month, right up until the day of her departure on Fri. Feb 17th, and will return on Mon. March 6th.
🍁 Please plan ahead and stay tuned to learn more about what volunteering at CWG 2023 will entail!

2022 Holiday Availability for Chiropractic & RMT

Santa Mel wants to let you know that we will still have our doors opens for both chiro [Dr. Lopes] & RMT [Enrico] services during the holiday season.   Check out what days/times we will be open:
🎄 Sat. Dec 24 – OPEN for CHIRO [8:30am-12:30pm]
❌ Sun. Dec 25 – CLOSED for Christmas
❌ Mon. Dec 26 – CLOSED for Boxing Day
🎄 Tues. Dec 27- OPEN for CHIRO [8:30am-2:30pm]
     ……………………………………for RMT with Enrico [11:00am-6:00pm]
🎄 Wed. Dec 28 – OPEN for CHIRO [10:00am-6:00pm]
🎄 Thurs. Dec 29 – OPEN for CHIRO [10:30am-2:30pm]
🎄 Fri. Dec 30 – OPEN for CHIRO [10:00am-6:00pm]
🎄 Sat. Dec 31 – OPEN for CHIRO [8:30am-12:30pm]
❌ Sun. Jan 1 – CLOSED for New Year’s Day
❌ Mon. Jan 2 – CLOSED
🎄 Tues. Jan 3 – OPEN for CHIRO [8:30am-2:30pm]
    …………………………………..for RMT with Enrico [11:00am-6:00pm]
➡ Some days are already fully booked.  Send us a DM to book your chiro/acupuncture or massage therapy spot to end your year off on the right note!

Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @361clinic & support small businesses

We might be a few days late to mark the official “Small Business Saturday”, but here we are.  It’s a day created to encourage people to shop locally in person and online at small businesses.  We have been a part of Mount Pleasant Village for just over 10 years and happy to continue to provide the ONE degree of difference to those in our community.
🥰 Today, we encourage you to share our @361clinic Facebook/IG page with your community, write a positive review, or sign up for our newsletter.
🥰 We provide a variety of services including: Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, Registered Massage Therapy, Graston technique, ART (Active Release Technique), Cupping therapy and Birth Doula services.
🥰 We are happy to provide services in English, Spanish, Italian and American Sign Language (ASL).  As a symbol of what we do with our hands in both treating and communicating, we have 3 new wooden figurines that sign the numbers “361” in ASL.
🥰 We are here to provide you with a cozy, safe and friendly environment to help you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically.

1 more week to go before Dr. Lopes leaves for her Argentina work trip on Nov 1st!

This is a friendly reminder that Dr. Lopes leaves in 1 week, on Nov 1st to support the @assccdsa Canadian Deaf Men’s Basketball team at the “Pan American Deaf Basketball 🏀 Championship” as their Sports Chiropractor.  
🏀Meet the mission staff for Team Canada basketball!  
🏀 Book in your chiro/acupuncture appointments while you can for the next week.  Otherwise, you can plan for her return and start booking for Mon. Nov 14th onwards.
🏀 Stay tuned to @361clinic to follow her journey while she volunteers her time over the 2-week period in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

End of the Year Reminder and Remaining Availability for Chiro & Massage @361clinic

In case you haven’t noticed we are already at October 20th today!!?!?!? Where is the time going? We just wanted to remind you to book in for your massage & chiro appointments accordingly before spots fill up for the rest of the year.
📅 Michelle is almost fully booked up for the rest of 2022! She has only 1 spot available in early December.
📅 Enrico will be back from his photography course as of Tues Nov 1st, and is already booking into December 2022. He’ll be in every Tuesday from 11am-6pm (with 5pm being the last spot of the day).
📅 Dr. Lopes will be around for the next 1.5 weeks before she leaves on her work trip on Tues. Nov 1st, and will be back in action on Mon. Nov 14th.
➡ This is our one reminder to please plan ahead and give yourself enough time to plan your massage therapy/acu/chiro appointments so that your mind & body can thank you for giving it some TLC.

We are CLOSED over the 2022 Thanksgiving Long Weekend

For many this may be our first Thanksgiving in a while to fully celebrate with family and friends! So, we officially declare it “Thanksgiving pants time”! We will be closed from Sat. Oct 8 till Mon. Oct 10th, and will re-open on Tues. Oct 11th.
🍗 For those of you running in the Canada Running Series Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 16th, we have a few spots left to get your pre-race tune-up! Please plan ahead before it’s too late!
🍗 More importantly will you be wearing your “thanksgiving pants” this weekend?

Dr. Lopes will be away for a work trip Nov 1-12th, 2022 in Argentina

Dr. Lopes didn’t think she had any travel plans for the rest of 2022 after we did our refresh at the clinic.  But an opportunity came up last minute, and knowing her and her love of travel & adventure, she had to say yes! She will be volunteering as the Sports Chiropractor with @ASSCCDSA Canada’s Men’s Basketball team at the “Pan American Deaf Basketball Qualifications” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
🏀 The top best teams from the competition will be selected to take part in the 6th World Deaf Basketball Championships 2023, Heraklion Greece and 25th Summer Deaflympics in 2025.
🏀 Dr. Lopes will be leaving the night of Tuesday, November 1st, so she will be working till early afternoon on departure day.
🏀 She will return to @361clinic effective on Mon. Nov 14th.
🏀 After almost 2.5 years during the pandemic where she didn’t have any sports event coverage, she’s more than excited to make up for lost time!
🏀 She’s excited that she gets to use her ASL + Sports Chiro skills + First Responder skills plus continue on with her travels through South America this year!
🏀 There’s exactly 1 month till she heads out, so please plan ahead to get in your chiro appointments!

Find out why Dr. Lopes is on STAND-BY duty between mid-Sept to early October!

As you may know Dr. Lopes has been working towards getting her full Birth & Postpartum Doula certification.  Part of the requirements is supporting at least 3 births.  We just wanted to give you a heads up that she has 2 patients who are due at the end of September, so she will be on stand-by!  If either of the patients go into labour, we will notify you ASAP to let you know that your appointments have to be cancelled, and we will reschedule at your earliest convenience.
◾️ A Doula provides physical and emotional support to the pregnant person and their partner during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.
➡ Did you know that you can have a Doula present as one of your support people, in addition to your Midwife, Obstetrician or Family Physician?
➡ We are all here to work together to make sure that you, your partner and your baby are fully supported throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period.
➡ Dr. Lopes will be still be booking appointments as per usual, but she will be on standby from now till early October, depending when the 2 babies decide to make their appearance.  Fingers crossed they don’t decide to enter the world on the same day!
🥰 Thank you for your patience and understanding! Stay tuned for any updates!

Enrico one of our RMT’s will be AWAY for October 2022! Plan ahead!

Enrico Staine, one of our recent RMT additions has been with us for a month already!  He is an avid photographer and submitted this photo to a competition.  It was selected and he will be attending a course in the States during the month of October. This is your 1 month notice to book your massage appointments in for September, November & December before it’s too late!
Enrico is in on Tuesdays from 11am – 6pm for September, November & December.
You can choose the following time lengths for a massage:  30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.
DM us if you would like to book your massage before school starts!

Have any running races coming up this Fall 2022? Plan ahead to get yourself race ready!

We hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far, but we just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that the Fall Race Season is approaching in about 2 months. We want you to feel mentally & physically ready to head into your race! Enrico, our RMT, has availability on Tuesdays from 11am-6pm.
🏃‍♀️ Are you taking part in any of these races that are coming up?
◾️ Sept 11 – Georgina 1/2 & Full marathon
◾️ Sept 17 – Zoo Run
◾️ Sept 25 – Berlin Marathon
◾️ Oct 1 – Muskoka 5K, 10K, 1/2, Full marathon
◾️ Oct 2 – Marathon du P’tit Train du Nord
◾️ Oct 16 – TCS Toronto Waterfront 1/2, Full Marathon
◾️ Nov 6 – Hamilton Road 2 Hope 1/2, Full
🏃‍♀️ We thought we would share a glowing review that one of our patients sent us after she received a massage from Enrico a few weeks ago.
🏃‍♀️ Don’t get disappointed to not have a spot booked! Please plan ahead to book your massage/chiro/acupuncture tune-ups NOW!