Find out why Dr. Lopes is on STAND-BY duty between mid-Sept to early October!

As you may know Dr. Lopes has been working towards getting her full Birth & Postpartum Doula certification.  Part of the requirements is supporting at least 3 births.  We just wanted to give you a heads up that she has 2 patients who are due at the end of September, so she will be on stand-by!  If either of the patients go into labour, we will notify you ASAP to let you know that your appointments have to be cancelled, and we will reschedule at your earliest convenience.
◾️ A Doula provides physical and emotional support to the pregnant person and their partner during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.
➡ Did you know that you can have a Doula present as one of your support people, in addition to your Midwife, Obstetrician or Family Physician?
➡ We are all here to work together to make sure that you, your partner and your baby are fully supported throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period.
➡ Dr. Lopes will be still be booking appointments as per usual, but she will be on standby from now till early October, depending when the 2 babies decide to make their appearance.  Fingers crossed they don’t decide to enter the world on the same day!
🥰 Thank you for your patience and understanding! Stay tuned for any updates!

Enrico one of our RMT’s will be AWAY for October 2022! Plan ahead!

Enrico Staine, one of our recent RMT additions has been with us for a month already!  He is an avid photographer and submitted this photo to a competition.  It was selected and he will be attending a course in the States during the month of October. This is your 1 month notice to book your massage appointments in for September, November & December before it’s too late!
Enrico is in on Tuesdays from 11am – 6pm for September, November & December.
You can choose the following time lengths for a massage:  30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.
DM us if you would like to book your massage before school starts!

Have any running races coming up this Fall 2022? Plan ahead to get yourself race ready!

We hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far, but we just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that the Fall Race Season is approaching in about 2 months. We want you to feel mentally & physically ready to head into your race! Enrico, our RMT, has availability on Tuesdays from 11am-6pm.
🏃‍♀️ Are you taking part in any of these races that are coming up?
◾️ Sept 11 – Georgina 1/2 & Full marathon
◾️ Sept 17 – Zoo Run
◾️ Sept 25 – Berlin Marathon
◾️ Oct 1 – Muskoka 5K, 10K, 1/2, Full marathon
◾️ Oct 2 – Marathon du P’tit Train du Nord
◾️ Oct 16 – TCS Toronto Waterfront 1/2, Full Marathon
◾️ Nov 6 – Hamilton Road 2 Hope 1/2, Full
🏃‍♀️ We thought we would share a glowing review that one of our patients sent us after she received a massage from Enrico a few weeks ago.
🏃‍♀️ Don’t get disappointed to not have a spot booked! Please plan ahead to book your massage/chiro/acupuncture tune-ups NOW!

@361clinic is repainted and we’ll be ready to re-open on Tues Aug 2nd!

Our repaint job is done and things are looking on the up and up! Just a few more days to get everything in place and we’ll be ready to welcome you back on Tues. August 2nd!
🤩 Dr. Lopes has spots available from Wed Aug 3rd onwards.
🤩 Enrico has some massage spots available at 1:30pm-6pm on Tues Aug 2nd.
🤩 Michelle is fully booked next week for massage.
🤩 Plan ahead and get your August tune-ups in your calendars so you can enjoy the 2nd half of your summer!

A new RMT is joining us in August 2022! Please welcome ENRICO!

We have waited and searched for the right RMT to join our 361 family, and we are happy to welcome Enrico Staine!  He starts Tues. Aug 2nd, so feel free to book in! But first let’s learn more about Enrico!
➡ Enrico attended the Massage Therapy program at Humber College from which he graduated with Honours in 2017.
➡His background also includes pharmaceutical studies from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and MassoPhysiotherapy which he attended at the Enrico Fermi Institute of Perugia, graduating in 2013.
➡Enrico has worked as a Massage Therapist since 2017 and his treatment philosophy is to identify and address the root cause of the dysfunction, while relieving symptoms and also working towards long term improvements. He implements functional assessments, manual therapy and modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound where beneficial.
➡ Enrico has experience working with a wide range of populations and treatment types, whether its maintenance or rehabilitation, acute or chronic conditions, deep tissue or relaxation, the objective is to promote proper alignment, normalize tension within the muscular tissue, and optimize mobility. As each individual case is unique it’s essential to approach it with a specific treatment protocol tailored to achieve objective and measurable improvements, while also work towards your subjective goals.
➡ In his spare time Enrico enjoys a wide range of activities that have one common ground: learning new things. Whether it’s photography, sports car racing, woodworking or philosophical studies, there is always a new rabbit hole to dive deep into.
➡ For now he’ll start off in August on Tuesdays.  Feel free to DM us to book your spot with Enrico.

We’re open for CANADA DAY – July 1st, 2022

This is a friendly reminder that Dr. Lopes will be working tomorrow, Fri. July 1st from 8am-1pm.  We will be closed over the long weekend and will re-open on Mon. July 4th.
🍁 This is a friendly reminder that after tomorrow, Dr.  Lopes will only be available the morning of Sat. July 9th before resuming Saturdays on Sat. Aug 6th.
🍁 Another reminder that you have 3 weeks to get in your chiro/massage/acu appointments before we close down for the week of July 25th for a refresh.
🍁 Congrats to all the students, teachers, EA’s, ECE’s and parents as they wrap up another school year today!  Enjoy your SUMMER!

@361clinic will be closed the week of July 25th for a PAINT REFRESH!

We have a few quick updates to help you plan out the next few weeks now that SUMMER has officially kicked off! After 10 years of being at our location we need a little refresh and will take some time to paint our @361clinic home.
🎨 The clinic will be closed from Mon. July 25th and will re-open after the Civic Holiday long weekend on Tues. August 2nd.
🎨 For weekend availability for the month of July, Dr. Lopes will be working on Canada Day (Fri. July 1) in the morning, and will also be working Sat. July 9th.
🎨 Dr. Lopes will resume working every other Saturday morning on Sat. Aug 6th onwards.
🎨 Please plan ahead to book in for your chiro/acu/massage therapy services within the next 4 weeks before we close down for a mid-summer refresh.

@361clinic MASK UPDATE effective Monday, June 13, 2022

 The Ontario Government has announced the expiration of masking requirements in certain indoor settings, including health care settings such as ours @361clinic, as of June 11, 2022. In light of this announcement, as of June 13, 2022, in our clinic setting, it will NOT be mandatory to wear a mask to your appointment.
😃 We fully understand that some patients may still want to continue to wear masks.
😃 If you would prefer that your therapist wears a mask during your appointment, please let us know before entering the clinic, and we will be happy to oblige.
😃 We respect the choices of every individual that comes in for an appointment.
😃 We will continue to offer a patient-centred approach, appropriate and ongoing risk assessments, respectful communication and professional judgment to guide decisions related to the use of personal protective equipment and other health and safety protocols.
😃 In addition, all staff and patients will be asked to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and to not attend the clinic if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
➡️ After over 2 years of not seeing our faces, and not seeing yours, this will be quite the change! We fully understand that this will be a learning curve for all of us.
➡️ @361clinic all choices are respected, whether it is to mask or not to mask, and we will be here every step of the way to ensure you continue to feel safe and comfortable during your treatments.

@361clinic May Long Weekend 2022 Availability & Ideas to Celebrate

Here we are about to kick-off the unofficial start to summer with the May Long Weekend! Dr. Lopes will be working both Fri & Sat of the long weekend, and we will be CLOSED for Mon. May 23rd.

🥳 Other than coming in for a tune-up @361clinic this weekend, @todo_canada suggests “Things to Do 2022 Victoria Day Long Weekend in Ontario”!

🥳 Whether it be checking out some fireworks, a poutine fest or visiting a blooming spring garden!

🥳 There are a lot of options to check out all over Ontario!

🥳 Have an enjoyable and restful May 2-4 long weekend!

Dr. Lopes is back from Brazil and will be back to @361clinic on Mon. May 16th!

Just like that Dr. Lopes’ experience at the Summer @deaflympics2021official is a wrap! She said bye to her hotel treatment room & Caxias do Sul, her home away from home for the last 2 weeks.
😊 She will be back to work @361clinic as of this Mon. May16th onwards.
😊 She is quite booked up for her first week back to work. Please DM or email to plan ahead or to be added onto the wait list.
😊 Stay tuned here to check out a summary of Week #2’s events to wrap up her 1st Summer Deaflympics experience!
😊 Have a great weekend!