361° Family Feature: Who is Dr. Melanie Lopes?

It’s time again to refresh your memory of one of our @361clinic family members, Dr. Melanie Lopes.

Here are a few things to get know her a bit better:

😊 She’s been in practice for 15 years and got her Sports Chiropractic Fellowship in 2011.

😊 She started @361clinic 8 years ago in @MountPleasantVillage

😊She loves to volunteer whether it’s at a running clinic, as a chiropractor in Dominican Republic with @WorldSpineCare or events such as the 2017 Canada Summer Games, 2017 Invictus Games & 2019 Winter Deaflympics.

😊She loves to travel and create her own adventures. Some of her most memorable trips were a 5 week trip through Central America in 2011, her 2018 Camino Portuguese and her 2018 birthday trip to her parents birthplace, Kenya.

😊In Fall 2014 she applied with her friend Stephanie for “Amazing Race Canada” but they didn’t get chosen 

😊 If you haven’t experienced any of her costume shenanigans, take a look at some of the costumes from this past decade. Any opportunity she has to dress up, she will take is and make her own DIY costume!

😊She learned to play the accordion at the age of 6 and continued till she was 13 years of age.

😊 Things she loves to do: walking, running, salsa dancing, eating food, learning ASL & Spanish, watching soccer (especially around World Cup & Euro time).

😊 She enjoys bringing a smile to anyone’s face even if it’s at the expense of herself! #GlassHalfFullTypeofGal

Did you learn anything new about Melanie today? She hasn’t forgotten all of her @361clinic family members and eagerly awaits the upcoming reunion in hopefully a few weeks!

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