Dr. Lopes is going AWAY on April 29th to cover her 1st sports event in over 2+ years!

This is no April Fool’s joke this time! Dr. Lopes will be going away at the end of this month to cover her 1st sports event, the Summer @Deaflympics2021, as a Sports Chiropractor with the @ASSC_CDSA! If you have any races coming up, please plan ahead and book your pre-race tune-up now!
✈️ After over 2 years, Dr. Lopes is excited to finally get to cover her 1st sports event since the pandemic.  Her last event was in December 2019 at the Winter Deaflympics in Italy.  This time around she’s happy to be part of Team Canada and volunteer her skills at the 24th edition of the Summer Deaflympics in Brazil.
✈️ She will be working @361clinic right until Fri. April 29th when she departs for Brazil that evening, and will return to work on Mon. May 16th.
✈️ If you’re planning on running on May 1, 2022 in the @TorontoMarathon OR @MississaugaMarathon races, or on May 8, 2022 in the @SL10KTOR race, please book your pre-race tune-up now!
✈️ You have 3 weeks before she departs, but this time for work!

Please continue to wear a mask when you come into your appointment till at least April 27th

The Ontario Government has announced that masking requirements have been removed in many indoor settings as of March 21, 2022; however, this does NOT include health-care settings, as of this date.
😷 Regulated health professions, including chiropractors and registered massage therapists, will continue to practice in accordance with COVID-19 guidance for the health sector, including masks for health professionals, staff and patients, and active screening requirements, pending any further direction from the Ontario Government.
😷 The government also announced that as of April 27, 2022, mask requirements will be removed in the remainder of indoor settings and that COVID-19 health care directives will be lifted on that date.
😷 We’ll share more details as soon as we learn more.
😷 In the meantime, when you come in for your chiropractic, acupuncture or massage therapy appointment, please wear a mask.
😷 Thank you for your co-operation! We look forward to seeing your smiling faces soon!

Dr. Lopes is back @361clinic today, Mon. March 28th!

Bienvenido de nuevo! Dr. Lopes has her mojo recharged after her time away, and is back in action as of today, Mon. March 28th.  Since she just got in a few hours ago, stayed tuned this week for her Week #4 adventures to wrap up her trip.
✈ While about to board her flight back from Colombia, she saw this quote which resonated with her:  “The world belongs to those who walk it.”
✈ Come on in to hear about Melanie’s Colombian adventures!
✈ Email OR call @361clinic to book in for your spring tune-up!
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What to know while Dr. Lopes is away starting Fri. Feb 25th

This is just a friendly reminder that Dr. Lopes is @361clinic for 1 more week before she leaves for her cousins’ wedding in Colombia.  Read below for more details while she’s away:
✈️ Dr. Lopes will be away Fri. Feb 25-Sun. Mar 27
✈️ She will be accessible via email to book chiro/massage appointments. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for a reply.
✈️ Michelle, our RMT, will continue to provide massage therapy during this time. She is currently fully booked for March and is booking into April and beyond.  Those on the wait list will be contacted if any spots open up.
✈️ During this period there will be NO e-newsletters. They will resume on Fri. April 1st.
✈️ Please stay tuned to our @361clinic Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts to stay up to date in case any changes happen to Dr. Lopes’ travel plans.
✈️ If for some reason her travel plans get delayed/postponed, she will notify any patients booked from Mon. March 28 onwards with notice to reschedule accordingly.
✈️ Please plan accordingly for your chiro tune-up as she only has a handful of spots left for next week.
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Dr. Melanie Lopes will be AWAY Feb 25-March 25 for her Cousin’s Wedding! Please plan ahead!

Dr. Lopes will finally be taking some time off between Feb 25 – March 25, 2022 to attend her cousin’s wedding in Colombia and have some much needed time away.
✈️ This will be her first time taking more than just one day off at a time, in over 2 years, and she is excited to do so, not just to celebrate family but also do something she loves – TRAVEL & EXPLORING!
✈️ Please plan ahead to book your chiro/acupuncture spots accordingly.  She’ll be treating right up until Thurs. Feb 24th and will be back @361clinic on Mon. March 28th (as long as everything goes according to plan 🤞).
✈️ Due to the world changing literally every minute, her trip may get cancelled, but we will let you know ASAP if that is the case. Please stay tuned to @361clinic FB/IG/Twitter updates.

FYI: We are still OPEN during the restrictions imposed in Ontario as of January 5, 2022

With restrictions happening once again in Ontario we encourage you to find your CALM amongst the chaos. We just wanted to remind you that we continue to remain OPEN to provide you with the ONE degree of difference. Whether you need an adjustment, reduce tension or just talk about the stresses in your life, we’re here for you. Try these “6 Breathing Exercises That Can Help You Relax in 10 Minutes or Less” from Greatist to help you find your calm:
😌 Sama Vritti or “equal breathing”
😌 Abdominal breathing technique
😌 Progressive muscle relaxation
😌 Nadi Shodhana or “alternate nostril breathing”
😌 4-7-8 Breathing or “relaxing breath”
😌 Kapalabhati or “Skull-Shining Breath”
❤ Whatever your situation is starting today, we send you calm and healing vibes to get through today and these next few weeks!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s time to make some new memories in 2022!

It’s a start of a new day, a new week, a new month and a new year! We encourage you to start anew and make lasting memories with the help of The Travel Bible! Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home, city, or foreign place.
🤩 Go after the moments that make you feel truly ALIVE!
🤩 Those memories will be the only valuable possessions you own!
FYI: Will re-open on Tuesday, January 4, 2022!

@361clinic Holiday Hours for your end of 2021 tune-up

We will be open during the holidays to provide chiropractic, acupuncture and registered massage therapy services! We will provide some availability from Dec 20th – 31st. Please plan ahead and send us a DM to book your end of the year tune-up!

🎅 Michelle is fully booked for the remainder of the year and is already booking into January & February 2022. She is off during the last week of December and 1st week of January, returning on January 10th.

🎅 As a reminder, Oriana’s last day with us @361clinic will be Thurs. Dec 23rd.

🎅 Leslie has been of great help to help with our end of the year rush and has been well received by some of our regular patients. He has additional availability right up until December 31st and is also booking into January 2022.

🎅 Dr. Lopes will be available right through the holidays, other than the days noted on the chart.

🎅 Treat yourself! You deserve some TLC for having survived and thrived during 2021! Let us be your holiday gift to yourself!

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We say farewell to one of our RMT’s Oriana on December 23, 2021

We wanted to let you know that Oriana’s last day @361clinic will be on Thurs. Dec 23rd. She has moved further South-east in Toronto which has made for a longer commute, plus she wants to pursue teaching more yoga classes.

😢 Oriana, we thank you for your over 15 months of providing massage therapy to our 361 family and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

😢 If you want to book in with Oriana before she leaves, she still has a few spots remaining for the remainder of December 2021.

😢 On a positive note, Leslie, one of our RMT’s has availability for the rest of the month, including during the holidays!

😢 Please plan ahead and book your December treatments ASAP!

Welcome to LESLIE! Our newest addition to our RMT team!

We are happy to announce that our @361clinic family is expanding to help provide you with the ONE degree of difference.  We are adding on Leslie Bellack as another RMT just as we get into the end of the year rush! To give you an added boost of confidence, one of our other RMT’s Michelle received a demo massage from him and gave him 2 thumbs up! Let’s learn about Leslie:

🤩 Leslie has been a RMT for the past 19 years and a student of the human body his whole life.
🤩 Leading an authentic and active lifestyle has led Leslie down many pathways including the Royal Canadian Navy, Registered Practical Nurse to now RMT.
🤩 Throughout his varied life experiences, empathy and service to others have directed his actions as to how help others best.
🤩 Leslie specializes in chronic pain resulting from repetitive use, trauma, poor posture, scars and scar tissue. His treatments can be slightly unconventional but aim for the source of pain, not the pain itself.
🤩 For the past 15 years Leslie has been coaching runners with technique and training.
🤩 He enjoys taking care of his 2 sons and also enjoys studying Japanese.
➡ Leslie starts this week and will be available on Mon, Wed & Fri, as well as every other Sat morning.
➡ DM us if you want to book in on those days.  Or sign up to receive our weekly @361clinic e-newsletters to see what spots are available.
🤩 We are very excited to have Leslie on board! Come on by to give him a warm welcome and see what that ONE degree of difference he has to offer!