Not enough time in the day to stretch?

Have you ever been given exercises to help deal with an injury or prevent one from happening? The real question is, do you take the time to do those exercises? Do you feel like there’s not time in the day to do them?

One of our patients shared a photo of herself stretching while waiting for her flight at the airport. This was a nice reminder that we wanted to share with everyone, that you too can find a few minutes here and there to implement some movement in your day!

Here are some examples of times/places in your day that you may have not considered as a great place to stretch & move:

*waiting in line at the grocery store

*while enjoying a nice hot shower

*waiting for the bus/TTC

*waiting for your flight and/or if you’re in transit at the airport

*sitting in a meeting or in the classroom

Where are you squeezing in your movement during your day?


How often do you SMILE?

Do you need to practice smiling more often? One of Dr. Lopes’ classmates, Dr. Adam Bletsoe created a guided meditation entitled “Smile Practice [with music]”.

“Embody the naturally creative and healing energy of an authentic smile. From whatever state you may be in we can use a deep remembering of the inborn sense of contentment and peace to create that in our lives right now. Grow and nurture that sense in every cell, tissue and organ of the body. Take it with you into your day to help you summit the situations and circumstances before you.”

Click here to try the Smile Practice Guided Meditation

Enjoy the benefits of SMILING!

We hope this brings a SMILE to your face!

SAVE THE DATE & SAVE: Saturday, February 1st, 2020 at the Yonge St Running Room!

Thanks to the Yonge St. Running Room for helping us kick off February with a bang! Courtesy of @runningroom we would like to treat our @361clinic familia to a discount this Saturday, February 1st! Just tell the staff that you are part of the “361” family, and the discount will be applied!

The discount can apply for footwear, clothing, accessories, electronics, nutrition and more!

Happy Shopping!

Feeling some low back or buttock pain? Try this seated GLUTEUS MEDIUS stretch!

Have you been standing or seated for too long while at work today? Take a breather and try stretching out your GLUTEUS MEDIUS muscle, because it may be causing you some pain into your low back and/or buttock area.

*Sit with both feet flat on the floor
*Raise your R knee up and aim it towards your L shoulder
*Hug R knee into chest with one or both arms as you turn your torso to the right
*You should feel a stretch in the gluteus medius muscle as well as in through the low back
*Switch sides and repeat stretch with L knee into towards R shoulder

HAPPY 2020 to our @361clinic familia!

We would like to wish our @361clinic familia a HAPPY NEW YEAR! To keep it simple, we hope that your 2020 is filled with doing the things that make you happy & being happy with who you are!

*Think thoughts that make you happy
*Be with people who make you feel good
*Do things that make you smile from the inside out
*Focus on what brings you joy
*Do more things that make you SMILE 
*Forget about what others may think… if it makes you happy… DO IT!

We are closed today and will re-open tomorrow Thurs Jan 2nd!

What simple things bring a smile to your face and make you feel happy?

What brings you JOY & HAPPINESS during the holiday season?

 As we kick off this holiday season @361clinic, we wonder what bring you joy & happiness during this season?
*Ice skating *Volunteering to help others in need. *Celebrating the deeper meaning of the holiday. *Taking a nap. *Smiling.
*Cracking a joke. *Getting a massage. *Playing in the snow.
@361clinic we enjoy having hearing the wood crackling, seeing the fire burning, along with holiday tunes in the background with our handy “fireplace”.🔥🔥🔥
They don’t necessarily have to be holiday-related, but they are things that “… help you let go of stress, nourish yourself, and bring out your best, so you can be a shining light during the holidays instead of a wretched wreck.”
Try to make a commitment to engage in one of those activities that bring you joy & happiness each day of the holiday season till January 1st.

Plan ahead and book your chiropractic/acupuncture treatments in before Dr. Lopes leaves to volunteer on Dec 8th

This is a friendly reminder to plan ahead and book in your chiropractic & acupuncture treatments before Dr. Lopes leaves for the @2019WinterDeaflympicsItaly.
Check out what it’s all about right HERE:
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Dr. Lopes will be away Dec 8-22 to volunteer at the 2019 Winter Deaflympics

We wanted to share some cool news with the @361clinic familia that Dr. Lopes will be heading over to northern Italy for the @2019WinterDeaflympicsItaly in a month!

She will be volunteering as a Sports Chiropractor with the @CanadianDeafSports Ski & Snowboard athletes near Milan, Italy.

She will be away from December 8 – 22, 2019. Please plan ahead and book your chiro/massage/acupuncture appointments accordingly.

When she returns back to Toronto, she’ll continue to work @361clinic during the last week of December for a few days  between Dec 23rd – 31st.

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8 weeks left to 2019!

We’re not sure if you realized that we have just 8 weeks left in 2019. How crazy is that!?!? What’s even crazier is that we only have 7 more days left between now and the end of December that have massage therapy spots left.
Treat your body well with chiropractic, massage therapy and/or acupuncture.
Spots are booking up FAST! Please plan ahead and help your body feel it’s best to end of the year with a bang!

Thanksgiving Long Weekend 2019 Availaiblity @361clinic

Just as a heads up as you plan to wear stretchy pants for your Thanksgiving celebrations, ensure you plan ahead for some self-care. @361clinic will be open Friday and Saturday of the Thanksgiving long weekend.
We will re-open on Tuesday, October 15th for next week!
FYI: As a heads up, as we approach the end of 2019, we encourage you to plan ahead as both chiropractic & massage spots are booking up right until the end of December. Plan ahead!