361 Family Feature: Our 2nd RMT, Pred

4 weeks of this COVID-19 pandemic have passed, so just to make sure you haven’t forgotten about us, here’s our next #FamilyFeature! It’s time to reacquaint you with one of our other faces @361clinic, our other Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Predrag Drzaljevic (aka Pred).

💥 He’s been keeping busy at home spending time with his wife and 2 kids (10 years old and 3 months). He is planning on finishing reading some books that he’s had on his to-do list and wants to level up his cooking & baking skills.

Here are a few things to get to know Pred a little better:

➡️ He has been in practice for 2 years as a RMT

➡️ He works at 2 other clinics in addition to @361clinic

➡️ He started as a RMT @361clinic in March 2020, just
before the pandemic started.

➡️ He graduated from the University College Birmingham (in
the UK) with a Foundation Degree of Science in Sports
Therapy in 2015

➡️ He speaks 3 languages: English, Serbian & Croatian

➡️ He is very passionate about cooking and baking

We are happy to have Pred join our 361 familia and look forward to his return in the very near future!

Anyone needing a massage, cinnamon roll OR both, right about now???

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