361° Family Feature: Who is Dr. Melanie Lopes?

It’s time again to refresh your memory of one of our @361clinic family members, Dr. Melanie Lopes. Here are a few things to get know her a bit better: 😊 She’s been in practice for 15 years and got her Sports Chiropractic Fellowship in 2011. 😊 She started @361clinic 8 years ago in @MountPleasantVillage 😊She loves to volunteer […]

361 Family Feature: Our 2nd RMT, Pred

4 weeks of this COVID-19 pandemic have passed, so just to make sure you haven’t forgotten about us, here’s our next #FamilyFeature! It’s time to reacquaint you with one of our other faces @361clinic, our other Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Predrag Drzaljevic (aka Pred). 💥 He’s been keeping busy at home spending time with his […]

We are closed for April 2020 and Will Take it 1 Day at a Time

We @361clinic are just going to go with the flow and take it one day at a time during this pandemic. ➡️ We will be closed for the month of April and we will be re- evaluating the situation on a week-to-week basis. ➡️ We will inform you the second that we are allowed to re- open […]

361° Family Feature Post: Michelle Bastone, RMT

It has been 2 weeks since we have seen each other’s faces! So we’re bringing our faces to you! Today’s @361clinic family feature is one of our Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Michelle Bastone. She’s keeping busy with her other 2 jobs, putting together on-line classes for her Liberty Dance students as well as teaching theoretical lessons via Zoom […]

UPDATE: We are extending our indefinite closure @361clinic from Mon. March 30th onwards

Just in case you needed a reminder as to what day it is, today is Saturday, March 28, 2020. You’re welcome! We have weathered 2 weeks of this “COVID-break”, and we wanted to inform you that we will be extending our @361clinic closure up until Sat. April 5th. All appointments during that period have been […]