@361clinic is temporarily CLOSED as of the afternoon of Mon. March 16th until further notice!

This may not be the “treat” you wanted to hear from Mel-eprechaun on this St. Patrick’s Day, but it was needed: “Hi to our @361clinic family! We hope that you are trying to make the most of your self-isolation time and possibly getting to things that you might have kept on the back burner! As […]

How we @361clinic are dealing with COVID-19 & Learn ways in which you and your family can help cope

With everything that has transpired lately, we just wanted to remind our @361clinic family about the steps we are taking at the clinic, and using this time to remind you of the symptoms of what to look out for regarding COVID-19. We encourage you to use this time off or work-from-home situation to your benefit: […]

Try these 3 stretches that target your SCALENE muscles in your neck

  How many of you clench your jaw, are a shallow breather or purse your mouth when focused on a task? These actions can cause added strain to some of your neck muscles, including the SCALENES, which can lead to neck, upper back and pain referring into the upper limbs. Try incorporating these 3 simple […]

Welcome our newest addition to the @361clinic family! Our 2nd RMT!

We would like to welcome Predrag Drzaljevic (referred to as “Pred” for short) as our newest Registered Massage Therapist [RMT] @361clinic! He will initially be working on Tuesdays and every other Saturdays to start with, as of March 3rd. Pred graduated from the University College Birmingham (in the UK) with a Foundation Degree of Science […]

Not enough time in the day to stretch?

Have you ever been given exercises to help deal with an injury or prevent one from happening? The real question is, do you take the time to do those exercises? Do you feel like there’s not time in the day to do them? One of our patients shared a photo of herself stretching while waiting […]