Not enough time in the day to stretch?

Have you ever been given exercises to help deal with an injury or prevent one from happening? The real question is, do you take the time to do those exercises? Do you feel like there’s not time in the day to do them?

One of our patients shared a photo of herself stretching while waiting for her flight at the airport. This was a nice reminder that we wanted to share with everyone, that you too can find a few minutes here and there to implement some movement in your day!

Here are some examples of times/places in your day that you may have not considered as a great place to stretch & move:

*waiting in line at the grocery store

*while enjoying a nice hot shower

*waiting for the bus/TTC

*waiting for your flight and/or if you’re in transit at the airport

*sitting in a meeting or in the classroom

Where are you squeezing in your movement during your day?


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